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Join us for our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration!

SATURDAY the 21st of November, 1:00
Stockholm Borgegille, Nybrogatan 60, 2nd floor












We have the venue for the day so as soon as it is returned to it's original state the festivities are over.


If you plan to join us, call Anita Cote'-Irestrand  at 0703971029  or 08-6645345. Anita can also be reached by e-mail, at anita at escc.se, but please try to reach her by phone. 


A contribution for our pot-luck buffet is an important part of the Thanksgiving celebration. Members should call Anita so she knows what everyone would like to bring and to get suggestions for what is needed.


As always Anita will need a slew of Thanksgiving helpers for food preparation during the week and to carry out the logistics of the event. Specific members will chair groups for setup, distribution of contributed dishes as they arrive, entertainment, cleanup and reorganization of the rooms. There is always plenty to do, good food to share and wonderful people with us enjoying Thanksgiving.


240:- for adult members

300:- for non-member guests

150:- for children over 7 years

We will begin with a mingle as guests and their dishes arrive from 1:00. The buffet  usually begins around 2:15. 


Between dinner and desserts there is an intermission for removing the dishes.  Then it is time for entertainment and thoughts of Thanksgiving!

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