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For more information about joining the ESCC, please e-mail Cecilia Golan and include your telephone number.


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Plus Giro (PG)number is: 123045-7

If you have not been receiving group e-mails from the board with information about upcoming events and other topics of interest, please contact Valerie: valerie.olsson (at) escc.se.

Notice to Members

Text Box: Softball 
Instruction and match

Saturday May 21

Please sign up with Toni Olander:

2016 Summer Cruise

We hope you will join us for a day cruise on Saturday June 18!

We will depart for Åland from the Värtahamn Silja terminal at 07:10 for Åland and return to Stockholm at 18:15 the same evening.


We will meet at the
terminal at 6:30.

Please sign up with
William Farlow:


Silja requires that travelers’ names, nationalities, and dates of birth are provided when ordering tickets.

Please include this information in the PostGiro.

If there is not enough room in the PostGiro, please send the information in your e-mail to William.


0 to 5 years—free

6 to 11 years—130 kr

12 to 17 years—185 kr

18 years & over—350 kr

Plus Girot: 12 30 45-7

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